Posted by: L | May 7, 2009

Field Trip!

© 2009 California Academy of Sciences

© 2009 California Academy of Sciences

Hi everyone!

The ISA is planning a field trip to the spanking new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The day of the trip is tentatively set on the 16th of May, which is a Saturday. Interested participants please prepare $20 for the ticket and bring your student ID along. For those who wish to join us but do not have the means to pay for the ticket, please email me at to work out a sponsorship plan. In any case, I will also be sending out an email soon, with more information on the trip.

Do come and join us! 😛

Elaine Low
President of ISA

PS: A special thank you to Andy for helping with the coordination of this event!

Posted by: L | April 10, 2009

Singapore Dreaming


Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Skyline for Spring 2009! (Well, this is a very belated greeting, but nonetheless we would still love to extend our warmest regards.) After the mandatory International Student meeting/Easter celebration we had in March that some of us attended, we hope you can continue to join us in our next event, which is the delightful showing of Singapore Dreaming, the award-winning Singaporean film that is heartwarming and illuminating at the same time. Michael Wilson from the San Francisco International Film Festival (2006) called it “a quiet wonder that bodes well for another cinematic renaissance in the East”, while Neil Humphreys from Today, Singapore’s top tabloid newspaper, hailed it as “the best movie (Singapore) has produced in a decade… A beautiful tale about Singaporean family life that is almost flawless in its verisimilitude”.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Elaine Low
President of ISA

Posted by: L | December 5, 2008

Christmas Potluck Party!


(Front L-R: Noemy and Genévieve. Back L-R: Hary, Adviser Carla Campillo and her honorary assistant, Kennya, Andy, Anesh and Elaine.)

Dear reader,

Another semester in Skyline College has flown by, and to celebrate that, ISA had a special potluck party planned on December 3rd to celebrate. Everyone brought at least one special homemade dish representative of their ethnicity/nationality and shared the food with one another. I had a lot of fun eating a multi-cultural meal on campus, one that probably wouldn’t have happened if not for the founding of our tightly-bonded club. The ISA is proud to have built a small but sure presence in Skyline College, and we look forward to a better and brighter semester next Spring.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all of us here at the ISA!

Warmest wishes,
Elaine Low
President of ISA

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Hey fellas,

I wouldn’t imagine using the words “horror” and “cute” to describe something simultaneously (well, maybe Chucky’s bride, and possibly the new 90210 series) but I’m going to have to do that for Bhool Bhulaiyaa, the movie we’re showing. It’s definitely a fun “scary movie” that offers the ubiquitous song-and-dance sequences typical of any Bollywood movie worth your salt, with elements of drama, action, mystery and suspense all at once. Yeah, it may not be extra credit, but we do have food, drinks and a fun raffle (i.e. free drawing) that everyone can take part, on top of the movie! Ladies and gents, make a note in your Sidekicks and iPhones… I’ll see you then.

Elaine Low
President of ISA

Posted by: L | October 20, 2008

Club Rush

Hey there,

Last Tuesday was Club Rush, where all the clubs set up booths in the quad to publicize and recruit. We had a cozy little spot beside PTK and the Environmental Club! Here are some of the pictures Genévieve and I took…

David, Elaine, Margaret and Kelnia.)

Set-up crew! (L-R: David, Elaine, Margaret and Kelnia.)

Our table decked out in the school colors of red and yellow, and we had candy for our visitors.

A close-up of the table.

A close-up of the table.

G, Anesh, Kelnia and Elaine.)

(Front L-R: Adviser Carla Campillo and her honorary assistant, Kennya. Back L-R: Genévieve, Anesh, Kelnia and Elaine.)

As you can see from the picture, it was really sunny that day, just perfect for…


…some cold juice and a cute dance from the Polynesian Club. More picture taking:

Carla, Kennya and Elaine. Back L-R

(Front L-R: Carla, Kennya and Elaine. Back L-R: Madeline and Genévieve.)


Signing up for the club!

We had a wonderful reception that day, adding a potential 15 more people to the club… Judging from the excited look on that lady’s face, she must be very happy to find out about our first event – the Bollywood Horror Movie Night! More details on that soon. 😉

Hard at work promoting the ISA...

Anesh hard at work promoting the ISA...

Carla, Margaret and Genévieve.)

More pictures of the crew. (Front L-R: Carla, Margaret and Genévieve. Back L-R: Anesh, Mohan, Elaine and David.)

In the midst of the publicizing, we didn’t forget to enjoy ourselves too… Just look at how elated Carla and Kennya were!



Spotted: an eclectic bunch of people from different cultural backgrounds enjoying one of the rare sunny days atop this hill. Everyone is spotting picture-perfect smiles except for Anesh – maybe a little candy and a nice Indian movie would do the trick. 😉 (Just kidding my friend!)


Peekaboo! (Mohan, Kennya, Madeline, Genévieve, Elaine, Anesh, Carla and David.)

See you guys around school!

With regards,
Elaine Low
President of ISA

Posted by: L | October 9, 2008


Hi everyone!

This is the official page for the International Students’ Association at Skyline College in Nor-Cal. We’re a student club dedicated at providing support for our members, leadership opportunities and also a chance to make more friends. Most importantly we hope to integrate our members into the student body, serve as an avenue for cultural exchange between the local and foreign students and also model tolerance. I will be posting updates over here, as well as the other committee members who will very soon have access to it. If you have any queries or anything to say at all, feel free to leave your full name in the comment box so we know it’s you. 🙂

Do check back soon!

Elaine Low
President of ISA